Pay Fees (neDark Member)

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Pay one-time fees as advised personally with Venmo or Paypal

Transfer to our bank: Hanmi Bank (122039399) for Mr. Shoewash, Inc., Email:, Smartphone# 1-562-833-2544

Make a check payable to: Mr. Shoewash and mail to: Mr. Shoewash, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715, U.S.A.

neDarknecleaner < Anywash👍

NeCleaner (Mix)

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  1. It’ll be your wash changer 💰 for black/dark garments.
  2. Save 4 Cs – Colors, Coats, Costs & Customers. > Apply
  3. Mix it yourself at a ratio of our OSM (Open Source Mix)

Mix our sample with water to make one(1) gallon

Test with our NeDark (Mix)

  1. Load dark-color garments in your washing machine.
  2. Add NeDark (8~10 oz) instead of your current soap/softener. Don’t add anything.
  3. Finish in 8~10 minutes or shorter. (Ex. 40 min. > 8 min.)
  4. Hang dry overnight as wet.
  5. Press as usual or tumble a few minutes next day before pressing
  6. Feel the differences of softness & deeper colors, etc.
  • Mix it cleanerself after you buy yourself in town
  • Safe to human, environment & handling
  • Used by m/c washing, brushing & spraying
  • BDA-treated: Before, During & After Spotting

Mentoring by John Shoewash Bae (562) 833-2544, Mr. Shoewash 2002~, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715

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