Original Shoewash, Special Cleaners since 2002

βœ” Check in to enjoy 10% off first-time cleaning, new holes on belts & straps and small gluing for free

Walk-ins welcome for 3 days on Mon, Wed & Fri

Mon, Wed & Fri10 am ~ 5 pm
Tue, Thu, Sat & SunClosed
All items are Ozone-treated after special wash & wetcleaning.

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Is Your Handbag Cleaner Than A Toilet?

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Mr. Shoewash supports πŸ’šAnycleanersCyspecialβ˜‘οΈ

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· in Korean: μ‹ λ°œ/κ°€λ°©/κ°€μ£½ 세탁 μ „λ¬Έ λͺ…ν’ˆ μ„Ένƒμ†Œ μ•ˆλ‚΄

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