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Comborang mix (Cm) costs after taxes:

  • $16.33/gal ($0.13/oz) < Walk-ins
    • $21.44/gal ($0.17/oz) < Western
    • $23.75/gal ($0.19/oz) < Central
    • $26.06/gal ($0.21/oz) < Eastern

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Now, do Any Wash using your Comborang mix (Cm) › 1 Order Cm A products2 Buy Cm B & C products at local markets › 3 Mix all at once by cleanerself.

Use Anycleaner (Semicle) – Self mixed cleaner mixes for your any wash & wet cleaning of any fabrics – silks, wools & wedding dresses, sneakers, handbags, hats, UGG boots, suedes, leathers & specialties. Mix with popular consumer products by cleanerself › Neutral & Safer › Intro News

How to use your Comborang mix (Cm)

  • Wash any kind of fabrics, shoes, UGGs, handbags, suedes & leathers.
  • No other detergent & softener needed.
  • Pour directly 6 oz in your washing machine.

Any Wash (9-1-1) by your current washer or mini Any Washer.

  1. Pour your Cm directly in a washer.
  2. No other detergent & softener needed.
  3. Wash for 9 minutes. Rinse 1 time with water.
  4. Spin very shortly for less than 1 minute. Make wrinkles less › Press easier › Save more
  5. Wet tumbling for 2 ~ 5 minutes › Hang dry
  6. Dry tumbling for a few minutes › Press or blow by a Suzie.

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View in Korean › KR Aseje .. Anyers


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