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Use Anycleaner mix cleaners to clean any fabrics, sneakers, handbags, dress shoes, hats, dolls, gloves, suedes, leathers, furs, UGG boots, carriers, luggage & specialties.

Self mixed with local consumer products

Kinder mix › #AnyWashing

  • Co-rinse cleaner – Wash any kind of fabrics, shoes, UGGs, handbags, suedes & leathers.
  • Try Kinder mix samples › Be a Mix Member. Self-mix costs: $0.14/Oz (7/2022)

Co-rinse Meta Wash › Share on Meta

  1. Pour 2 Oz or more directly in your washer. No softener needed.
  2. Wash in 9 ~ 20 min or less.
  3. Spin for less than 10 seconds or more seconds not to make wrinkles. Less wrinkled › Easier pressed › Less wasted.
  4. Hang dry ›› Tumble for 2 ~ 5 min ›› Press or blow by a Suzie.

Combo mix › #AnySoiling

  • Soil cleanser Try firstly on any stains – Safer for colors and wedding dresses – Add secondly with other chemicals if needed.
  • Try Combo mix samples.

Simpler mix › #AnyWiping

  • Wiping spray – Wipe only for fabrics, shoes, handbags, suedes, leathers, furs & specialties – No rinsing needed.
  • Try Simpler mix samples.

Darkener mix › #AnyDarkening

  • Darkening spray – Darken colors for dark colors & suedes – No dyeing needed.
  • Try Darkener mix samples.

Special Wash mentoring › Apply

  • Leather Washing + How to Form Dry
  • Shoe Wash, UGG Wash & Handbag Wash

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