AnyCleaner – Nuri Mix

AnySeje (Korean)

Buy any selected (anysel) consumer products to mix it yourself and better clean fabrics, shoes, handbags, suedes, leathers, UGG boots, hats, gloves, dolls, carriers, luggage, upholsteries & specialties. Buy anysel products

Neutral & safe for fabrics & people

AnyCleaner, Nuri Mixes for All

1 Any Kinder: Kind cleaner mix (Kcm)
Wash fabrics better, safer & faster. No soaps & softeners needed. How to use .. #anyKinder .. Try Kcm samples

2 Any Darker: Dark cleaner mix (Dcm)
Spray to deepen the colors of blacks and darks cleaned. Photos .. Try Dcm samples

3 Any Simpler: Simple cleaner mix (Scm)
Spray to clean safer with no washing. #anySimpler .. Try Scm samples

4 Any Combo: Coating cleaner mix (Ccm)
Coat and brush to clean spots & specialties. #anyCombo .. Try Ccm samples

Members (Mbr) only for howtos + mentoring

Developed by Shoewash John Bae (Text) in California, USA .. Send Feedback

AnySeje (Korean) .. Anyers


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