Normal Spray 🧹 Suede Pro

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➕ Normal Dye (nsD mix) on dark suedes

🖤 UGG Wash (nsU mix) including light suedes

About Any Cleaner – Norm Mix

  • Buy local products and mix yourself at our ratios
  • Self-mix costs ~$4.00/gallon California 2021
  • Neutral & safe for people, garments and our planet

Take an Ne Lesson ✔ now or later for one-year mentoring: sneakers, dress shoes, handbags, suedes, leathers and specialties including Normal Mix ratios

No dry cleaning m/c, press m/c & steams are needed > Use current yours or buy • two(2) home washers (front/top load) • a bathroom sink with a hand shower • a dryer • a worktable • a mini vacuum

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