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Any Wash

No❌ dry cleaning m/c, press m/c & steams are needed > Use current yours or buy • two(2) home washers (front/top load) • a bathroom sink with a hand shower • a dryer • a worktable • a mini vacuum

One-year mentoring: sneakers, dress shoes, handbags, suedes, leathers and specialties including Normal Mix ratios. Mentoring fees will be directly offered.

Pay online with Venmo .. Paypal or transfer to our bank: Hanmi Bank (122039399) for Mr. Shoewash, Inc. or make a check payable to: Mr. Shoewash and mail to: Mr. Shoewash, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715 .. Email:, Smartphone# 1-562-833-2544

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Any wash

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