Form Dry 🌈 Paracleaners

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Paracleaners do better with norm mixes + form dryers for

  • Delicates cleaned safer & easier
  • Colors cleaned softer & faster
  • Labors & costs saved more

Apply βœ” for Norm Mixes – Any Cleaner

How to do better with less labors & costs

πŸ†— Form Dry cleaning for most of delicates with soft finish

  1. Pre-spot or treat first with your norm mix
  2. Hang to dry & sanitize in a form dryer

πŸ’¦ Normal Wet cleaning

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1. Wash 3 min with your normal mix. No detergent & softener are added
2. Wash down and spin 3 min Β» Tumble dry 3 min
3. Hang Dry Β» Suzie or Form Dryers

  • Much less wrinkled on arm holes
  • Much shorter, safer & deeper
  • Oil stains removed easy & well

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View in Korean .. Any Wash (Kr)

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