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🇰🇷Korean .. Any Wash 👍

Apply ✔ to learn Any Wash with your Ne Cleaner (Glocal Mix). It’s neutral and safe for people, garments & our planet.

Buy local products (Ne Combos) and mix yourself at our ratio

Do more & better with one Ne Cleaner Nec for
Your Wash Changer ∎ Nec Love→ Paradry .. Paradye ∎ Nec Mix→ CoatingGo .. Lite .. Tow .. UGG .. Uph ∎ Nec Spray→ Dark .. Parawash .. Spotting
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🔳 Paradry for Unlimited Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

🏁 Paradye – Alternative Dye by Ne Cleaner with No Painting

🔳 CoatingGo for Dark-color Washing

🔲 Lite Wash with Nec Mix for Light Colors

Tow Wash – Coat and Wash The Other Way tow

👢 UGG Wash – Ultimate Processing for Any Suedes

💨 Uph Wash – Upholstery Wash with Nec Mix

🖤 Dark Spray After Cleaning for Deeper Coloring

Parawash for Luxury Garments

🧹 Nec Spotting for Before- & After- Cleaning

Apply ✔ .. How-to Necing for Any Mbr Mentee

🇰🇷Korean .. Any Wash 👍

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