Wash, Dry ‘N’ Fold Service Inquired

I need a cleaning service (-once off service- Wash, Dry & Fold) for a volume of washing’s, the quantity of the washing’s consist of 

30 pieces of table cloths (60″ x 120″) and 

240 pieces of chair cloths (21 1/4 ” = 54 cm)

exact weight of items (471 lbs/pounds) – colors are blue and yellow and fabrics are (65% cotton and 35% polyester– colors don’t wash out and fabric don’t shrink) Machine washable, normal cycle, tumble dry, no ironing/pressing, no hangers and no need to bleach.

The Cloths are kept in a Rental storage and they are slightly dirty and dusty, so they need cleaning to make them Bright and Fresh.
A local hauler/labors will deliver the cloths to your location and also pick them up once job done. Kindly let me know the cost/estimate of the service + Tax and how many days it will take (detergent and other washing substance inclusive in the bill).

Note:- no odors, no heavy or deep stains -no liquid and oil stains.


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