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The more reviewed, The better rated 📈 Most of your customers love your service. Just do it with your iCards. 评论越多,评分越高。 您的大多数客户都喜欢您的服务。 只需使用您的特殊iCard即可。Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Yelp’s Check-in Offer

Force Check-in with our CheckinX service of

  • 500 Check-in Tags for free
  • 1 Check-in Link Valid by 9/30/2020 at
  • 2 Check-in Signs for free

Pay $70.00/year

  • Make a check Payable/Mail to MR. SHOEWASH, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715 or
  • Pay with Paypal at

Check-in Tag (2″x2″) – 500 tags for free

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8/8/2020 Offered

< Check-in PostCheckinXI💚 Cleaners

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