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Leather CleanersShoewash Wetclean 1A, B, & C 2 Dryclean
byLeather CleanerSolvent
DryWarm » Not ShrunkHot » Shrunk
WrinklesStretched3 & Ironed?
TroubledRarelyTypically 4
1 Must-wetclean Dark and New Suedes, High-ends, Shearlings, Renny Suedes, Polo Leathers, Uniform Jackets
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3 Stretched by Form Drying
4 Typical Troubles by Drycleaning » Color-lost, Glue-melt, Dark Streaks, Shrunk, Stiffer » Deformed, Decolored, Deoiled, Odored » Worsened

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Attract customers and keep them coming for Anycare Service of special wash & repair services of sneakers, dress shoes, purses, handbags, carriers, luggage, hats, belts, dolls, cushions, suede / leather / fur jackets, area rugs, reweaving, and any specialties.

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