Stars matter

And I’ll also have to agree with the many other 1 star reviews. The attitude here is “we don’t need or want your business because we’re convenient” – what they don’t know is that their landlord (The Irvine Company) takes this sort of complaint very seriously. So, when their lease is up for renewal – this condescending attitude is going to cost them.

  1. Let the customer decide between dry cleaning or leather cleaning for the leather- or vinyl- trim garment.
  2. Moneys matter but 1 star keeps our costs high, never ending until the business is sold or closed.
  3. Some banks give credits to new buyer for good reviews.
  1. 가죽이나 비닐이 덧대어 진 옷은 세탁 방법/가격을 손님이 결정하도록 미리 설명하는 게 좋습니다.
  2. 손님들 별 하나 하나에 대해 읽어 보고 필요하면 댓글 달고 신경 써 나가야 하는 또 하나의 이유 입니다.
  3. 어떤 은행은 고객 평가가 좋으면, 스토어 매매시 스토어를 사려는 바이어에게 크레딧을 줍니다.


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