Special Wash Prices šŸ‘ šŸ‘œ

< Mr. Shoewash

Walk-ins welcome for 3 days only on Mon, Wed & Fri: 10 am ~ 6 pm. Check out us at http://yelp.shoewash.com.

$12.00 ~ $20.00 per pair for Shoe Wash & Shine

$18.00 ~ $25.00 for UGG Wash & Boots Shine

$28.00 ~ $38.00 for Handbag Wash

Directions āž” Mr. Shoewash, 12544 Centralia St, Lakewood, CA 90715 next to Car Wash at the corner of Bloomfield & Centralia (=Crescent) Text John Bae

< Mr. Shoewash

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