Anycleaner, Any Seje

Semicle KR Aseje .. Anyers

  • September 2002: John & Lucia Bae established the Mr. Shoewash in Lakewood, California, U.S.A.
  • September 2003: shoewash for Shoe Wash Cleaners
  • February 2021: Mentoring for #membercleaners on Meta
  • October 2021: Anyers to support local services
  • February 2022: Ksetag for kay members in Korea
  • April 2022: #dropshipping for overseas members
  • July 2022 : AnyCleaners for AnyCleaner mix members
  • October 2022: Meta Wash in Korean
  • November 2022: Ksetak for Kakao Open Chat

Developed by John Shoewash Bae (Text) for Mr. Shoewash2002~ in California, U.S.A. .. MetaWash Groups on Meta

Semicle KR Aseje .. Anyers


Shoe Wash Pro since 2002 for Metawash

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