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More & better service with AnyWash Cleaner – NeCleaner Nec

Ne Lesson with NeCleaner* for One-year Mentoring
Special Wash & ParaWash of Sneakers, Dress Shoes, Boots, Purses, Suedes, Leathers and Specialties > Apply .. Howtos .. AnyMent .. Ne Members Only
For Os* Members > 1 Nec Mix🖤 for Washing, Spotting and Spraying .. 2 Form Dry🧩 + NeHanger samples
*Os (Open source) mix – Buy Ne Combos in your town and mix yourself
No needs Dryclean m/c, press m/c & steams
Use current machines or buy new ones (low-priced)
> Two(2) types of washing m/c (front/top load)
> A bathroom sink with a hand shower
> A dryer (electric or gas) & A worktable

Mentoring by John Shoewash Bae, Anywash Pro 2002~ supporting Shoewash👟Anycleaners with NeCleanerFeedback … Messenger

🇰🇷Ko .. Washnary📚 .. Washgram🌈>

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