Anycleaned (Repaired)

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Recommended to fix a zipper: It’s too hard & expensive to replace a whole fix

Take out 2″ widertake-out-boots-4

Take in as pinned.take-in-boots-4

Take in 3/4″ – Dolce & Gabbanadg-2

New buttons – Valentinovalentino-2

Handles are newly wrapped.celine after 1

New full soles – Birkenstock sandalsbirkenstock-1

New heels & half solesmens ted bakers.jpg

New elasticselastic-1

Fringes are fixed.area-rug-3


topy 1
Topy, Protective Soles added
taps 4
Taps on heels
vibram soles
New Full Soles by Vibram
taps 2
Taps on heels

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