Your Handbag Is Dirtier Than a Toilet Bowl.


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Joe Zee, Editor in Chief, October 27, 2015

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Your purse might look really cute, but it’s actually pretty disgusting. The accessory, a woman’s best friend and third limb, is a breeding ground for bacteria that could be making you sick. To put this to the test, the FABLife sent a camera to follow host Leah Ashley around all day from her home to doing errands and work and then back again. “I’m nervous about this because I’m not really conscious about where I put my bag during the day,” the DIY queen, who’s 9-months pregnant, admitted.

Throughout her routine, which saw her white bucket bag getting lugged around Los Angeles and tossed onto floors (the bottom of a purse carries a quarter of a million more germs than a toilet seat), grocery store conveyer belts, and counters, the accessory accumulated a lot of germs. Such as when she took money out the ATM and then picked her bag up. The keys of the cash machine  are a breeding ground for the flu virus and the enter key is the worst offender. The headphones she carries insides have more strains of disease and germs than a doormat and her in case of blister emergency sandals have deadly strains of E. coli and are 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

FABLife Video



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One thought on “Your Handbag Is Dirtier Than a Toilet Bowl.”

  1. I have 2 pair of shoes that have really slippery soles. I almost fell. Can you do that type of work?


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