STEP-N-OUT Shoe Repair, Goleta, CA

Your Comfort Arch Support Center

Directions ➡ 5915 Calle Real Suite E, Goleta, CA 93117 📞 Call or Send Feedback

We can work wonders on your favorite shoes you don’t want to part with as we are the number one shoe repair shop in the area of Goleta & Santa Barbara California. We specialize in boot repairs, resoling as well.

With years of experience within the cobbling industry we are masters at repairing leather items. We also understand a lot about orthopedic care and can give you the right help and advice to you on what is the correct form of footwear, as we have the right equipment to measure your fit, so you get the correct fit that will make you more comfortable.

No matter what the condition or damage of your shoes, try us first where we would be more than willing to give you free and helpful advice on if we can save your shoes.

Drop by our store today, whereby we would be more than willing to help you out when it comes to your shoes and leather items that need alterations or repairs.

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